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Open Wholesale System - Product Overview

Open Wholesale System Ver 3.8 is ideal for wholesale business to help their daily Sales, Purchase and Inventory operations, as well as perform business analysis anytime to have comprehensive understanding about the business. Moreover, it is easy to use, flexible, and reliable.

It mainly equips with Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, Stock In, Out, and Return functionality, with flexible operational design and analysis capabilities, they make the Wholesale System a must have helper in various wholesale business. For more detail, below shows how it helps :

Product Advantage

Open Wholesale System is designed for wholesale operations, it's design is based on the experience and feedback of various wholesalers from various industries for more than 10 years. Therefore, you will easily discover that the system user interface is so friendly and the functions are easy to use, very useful and flexible.

Easy to Use and Learn

The system comes with easy to use and uniform user interface to reduce learning curve and minimize things to remember. With the short-cut keys and user friendly design, it becomes easier for beginner and faster for experienced users.

User Definable to suit your business

Different Wholesale business has different requirements and challenges, Open Wholesale System allows user to define some data fields for her own business natures, also, some special features are available for different operation flow, so that it provides more flexibiity to suit your own need.

Easy to Manage Inventory

Open Wholesale System offers easy and flexible way to check Inventory status such as On-Hand Qty, Cost, Price, and more, it save time and reduce employee overhead by automating the inventory tracking process, in addition, it track every inventory activities hence let you easily understand the inventory movement in detail.

Easy to Manage Selling Price

With build in Pricing and Discount features, you may easily manage your sales by preseting selling price for different items and different customers, so that you may quote your item price within seconds and no need to remember the price for different items different customers anymore.

Flexible to handle daily operations

Open Wholesale System comes with full range of flexible but easy features to handle daily wholesale operations, e.g. Sales, Deposit, Return, Offers Discount, Deliver Items, Search Items, Search Transactions, Order Items, Generate Reports, etc.

Build Profitable Customer Relationship

With the Build in Customer features, you may records Customer information and Sales History, preset customer price and discount, also improves communication with customers, resulting in easier customer management and earning customer loyalty, hence increase profit.

More understanding about your business

Using the build-in analysis reports, you simply use a few keystrokes to have more understanding about your business, e.g. the best-selling items, detailed sales history, inventory status, and detailed inventory movement, etc.

Build-In Securities

Many Wholesaler concerns about the system security. Open Wholesale system has build in, user definable, and easy-to-set security that protect wholesaler against unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Upgrade Possibility

Thanks to the modular design, we have various optional module available for you to choose (e.g. Retail Module), when your business expands, you may select and add those modules to the Wholesale System in order to help your new business challenges, it would be a great way to lower your costs and raise your return of investment.

High Performance

Open Wholesale System takes the advantage of SQL technology, resulting in reliable and high performance. Even power or hardware failure, system data integrity will remain under control, therefore, data will still be useful after such failures. It is particular important for serious business and serious operations.


Open Wholesale System is very scalable that it can run on various hardware environments. e.g. for lower data volume, you may run it in a simple network and hardware environment, while for larger data volume, it may run on multiple database server environments, it makes it best fit to business requirements and budgets but to maximize the system performance as much as possible. Also, thanks again to the Modular Design, you may choose the necessary modules you really need, and add more modules while business expands or changes.


Open Wholesale System supports data in Unicode, it means it supports many languages, you may input data in different languages such as English, Chinese, German, Japanese, etc... While the user interface has 3 languages: English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, it allows you to use the system in different places, and work with people with different languages.