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Customer Support - FAQ

Open POS System 3.7 / 3.8 - Standard Edition


Q: How to add a new payment method ?
A: From the menu bar, select Code maintenance -> Reference Code. Then a window called "Reference Code Maintenance" is shown, click the "Payment Method" button, then you can start to add a new payment. (in case you want to know more about how to add a record and save it, please refer to the User Manual)
Q: Possible to set the amount rounding to dollars ?
A: Yes, open the System Settings screen (From the menu bar, select Code maintenance -> Settings), click the "Others" page, set the "Net Item Price Rounding" to "Normal Rounding", and set the Significant digit to 0. The save it.
Q: If items are not preset to have discount, can I issue discount to a customer if I want ?
A: Yes, if you have proper user right. You may use "Discount" function (or press F6) to manually offer discount you want.
Q: If customer pay deposit first, will this be my Sales yet ?
A: Not yet, it is become Sale only when customer pay in full and inventory is deducted.
Q: How can I start the membership feature ?
A: The membership feature is already build in the system, simply register your members by inputting members information such as Name, Tel #, Discount offer, etc. (Member screen: From the menu bar, select Code maintenance -> Customer). When the members comes, you may assign the member to the Invoice, in order to keep record and offer member discount.

Item & Inventory

Q: How to input a new item ?
A: Use Item Screen (From the menu bar, select Code maintenance -> Item), input Item No., Category, Description, etc., if you already have On-Hand Qty, Selling Price, Unit Cost, etc., you may input them too.
Q: If Item description is longer than 50 letters, and I don't want to make it shorter, what should I do ?
A: You may input the Item details to "Item Specification" fields, so that you can make the description shorter. And Item Specification can be printed on Sales Invoice too.
Q: Is it useful to input Item description in English and Chinese ?
A: Yes, if you have inputted description in both languages, you may print Item description in the languages you want. For example, you may print chinese receipt including chinese item description for chinese customers.
Q: Possible to print Barcode for my items ?
A: Yes, you may use Open POS System to print Barcode Label to Laser Printer or Label Printer. For Label printer, please choose our supported Brands and Models. To print Barcode Label, use the Product Label screen (From the menu bar, select Reports -> Product Label)
Q: Do I have to use Handheld Terminal to do Stock Take ?
A: You do not have to use Barcode Handheld Terminal, but using it is always faster and accurate if your stock has barcode. Whatever you use manual way or Barcode Handheld Terminal, you may use Stock Take function to perform Stock taking. For Stock take function, please select "Stock & Sales" from the menu bar, then select "Import Stock Take Data". For more detail, please refer to the Stock Take section of User Manual.


Q: When I try to do "Day End Closing", it prompts the message "Closing date should be in the current ledger month. 201004", what's that mean ?
A: You should only do the day-end closing for the current transaction month, the message will show your current transaction month, e.g. 201004 means April of 2010. If the transaction month is different from your current calendar month, it should means Month-end closing is not done yet, so it is still at April 2010, in this case, you should do Month-end closing first.
Q: How to change the backup database location ?
A: To change the default backup database path, please open the file called openpos.ini which is located at your system installation directory. Find the line "PATH=" under [BACKUP_TO] section, and change it to the path you want. E.g. if you want to change it to E:\ , just change the line to: PATH=E:\ , then save the file.
Q: When using Open Drawer function, the drawer does not open but it prompts message: "Port Already Use"
A: Other software should be using the port (e.g. Com Port) of your computer. Go to system Settings (From the menu bar, select Code maintenance -> Settings) to change the cash drawer to use another available port.
Q: How to grant Day-end closing right to an user ?
A: Use the Salesman Maintenance (From the menu bar, select Code maintenance -> Salesman), Find the salesman you want to set, check the "Approval" box. (please note that it also grant the discount approval right)
Q: Can I change the system from English version to Chinese version ?
A: Yes, you may use the System Settings screen to change it (From the menu bar, select Code maintenance -> Settings), find the "System Language" and change the language you want.